Saturday, January 30, 2010

Reiki Newsletter- February 2010

Dear Friends,

I bow to you all with Gratitude for your offerings following my call for donations for Haiti. We’ve raised $700 already. We have one very generous donor who is willing to donate money to sponsor a Reiki 1 and a Reiki 2 class for someone who's wanted to take Reiki, but have had financial considerations hindering them from learning Reiki. If you know anyone, please let them know of this offer. I’ve had many people ordering distant Reiki for themselves or their loved ones. Remember, our donation lines are still open 24/7.

If you donate $10: I’ll send you distant Reiki (with my deepest gratitude)
If you donate $25: 1 FREE pass for a Reiki Continuing Education class
If you donate $50: 2 FREE passes for Reiki Continuous Education classes
If you donate $100: A FREE Reiki 1 Class
If you donate $125: A FREE Reiki 2 Class

The continuous education classes are kicking off with Reiki in West vs. Japanese Reiki! Here is a reminder of the available classes:

Reiki in West vs. Japanese Reiki: on Sunday January 31st at 2pm-4pm. This class elaborates on differences of Reiki as thought and practiced in the West vs. Traditional Japanese Reiki teachings. There is opening for 1 lucky person :-)
Deep Dive into Reiki Symbols on Sunday February 7th 2pm - 4pm only Reiki 2 and above
This class is an in depth exploration of Reiki symbols. We’ll discuss the meaning and function of the symbols and discuss how to eventually drop the symbols and “be what the Symbol represents”.
Reiki Refresher on Thursday February 11th 7pm - 9pm open to all levels
This class provides an overview of Reiki system as a healing modality and a self-improvement system as well as explores pillars of Reiki system (precepts, meditations, hands-on healing, symbols and attunement). This will be an open forum environment where you can ask any questions
Reiki as a Spiritual Path on Wednesday February 17th 7pm-9pm open to all levels
This class explores how Reiki can be a path of spiritual development and how do the pillars of Reiki systems (precepts, symbols, mantras, meditations, hands-on healing) complement each other and provide a path to enlightenment. Class also explores how these steps correspond to paths in other major spiritual traditions.
Reiki 2 Class is coming up in mid-April

How to donate: Pick one of the options above (or two, or more); donate to any organization you are sure the benefits will directly go to Haiti. Simply let me know how much you’ve donated and which class you’d like to participate.

What else is going on….
Cincinnati Yoga School’s annual 108 Sun salutation offering event is on Sunday January 31st from 9 am till noon. Normally, this offering is sent out for the Austin Wright School in India/Virtues First, Inc. This year, Will is graciously offering it up to Haiti. You can complete 108 Sun Salutations or 108 Gayatri Mantra (text will be provided) or simply come to sit in meditation. Want to send your offering? Contact me. I’ll be there.
More Meditation workshops will be offered by our friend Andrea Berger. Advanced Hemi-Sync workshop is on Feb 13 & 14 at the Conscious Living Center in Clifton; 9am – 5pm; $175 . Excursion workshops on Mar 6 & 7; Mar 27 & 28; or May 1-2; 9am- 5pm; $175 . Contact Andrea directly at or
Five Element Reiki class with Bruce Davis is on February 13th. 4 of us have teamed up to take the class together. If you are interested in participating next classes, contact Bruce directly at This class is awesome!
Free Introduction to Reiki session on Saturday February 20th at 2pm in Delhi
We continue to have a Reiki Master to sponsor an “Introduction to Reiki” session every month. This month’s session shall be hosted by Elfriede Manning. Please feel free to share with your friends and loved ones who want to explore Reiki. For address and directions, please contact Elfriede at
Next Reiki Master /Teacher gathering is on Sunday March 21st at Grailville! Reiki Masters: Mark your calendars for another awesome gathering!

There are many other events and trainings posted at Ning. We now have 114 active members. Are you not one of them? Sign up at

With deepest Gratitude,
Love & Light,
Zeynep “Premdasi”

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