Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear All,

I’m thrilled to officially announce that Frans Stiene is coming to Cincinnati to hold a Reiki Shinpiden Master/Teacher training in July 1-3. You’ve heard me talk about Frans a lot in last couple years. I’ve learned Reiki from William Rand (whom I love dearly) and I was teaching Reiki for 4 years when I attended Frans’ class. I probably would not go to the Shinpiden class, if I hadn’t seen the transformation in my good friend Sundar. What else I could possibly learn, right? Then my whole understanding of Reiki has changed, the way I practice and teach Reiki has changed. After all, I’m grateful to have come across Frans and I truly want you all to have the same opportunity. We’ll have an awesome couple mid-summer days in Grailville with Frans. Did I mention he’s coming from Australia? We’ll have 3 days of Shinpiden class, 1 day private Reiki sessions and a free evening talk for everyone to get a glimpse of him. As you see I’m really excited! The strange thing about his classes; people keep going back to the same class over and over again. This will be my 2nd time, Sundar’s 3rd time and Tony’s 4th time (yes Tony went to his class 3 times already in last year!, I bet a record). I know it’s a big investment but I still think this was the best investment I’ve done for myself (and I also had to fly to NYC and stay in Manhattan). I’m thrilled that I don’t have to pay airfare to go to his class this time (and he has discounted rates for his former students) :-) I already dream of warm summer nights, sitting outside at Grailville’s gardens under thousands of brilliant stars, with Reiki friends and talking about life, our passions and of course Reiki. Accommodation in Grailville’s old Victorian house, House of Joy, will be available. You can join me to stay there. Please check our training blog. You can find all information there. Let me or Sundar know if you have any questions. There are only 20 spot available and 7 people have signed up already.

Another exciting event is only a month away. You’ve guessed right! REIKI DAY! I must tell you I envy you. I’d really like to join you all for the Reiki Day but I’ll be in a business trip. I’m grateful that other Reiki Masters stepped up and will coordinate the Reiki Day. Patricia will lead the day. I’d like to thank everyone who volunteered to help, Gwynne, Michael, Tony, Sarah, Sundar, Bruce. It’ll be another awesome day.

Reiki Day on Sunday April 3rd 9:30pm - 5:30pm at Grailville Caravansary Bld.
Like last time, the morning session is for Reiki Master/Teachers* from 9:30 am until 12:30 pm; the afternoon session is for all Reiki practitioners from 1:30 pm until 5:30 pm. Day long events include discussions, experience share, Reiki share, Reiki drumming and Reiju (Reiki blessings). The draft agenda is attached. Please let me or Patricia (patgarry@fuse.net) know about your agenda suggestions or recommendations. The event is free, like always we'll split the cost (expect ~$15/person for Reiki Masters including lunch and $10/Reiki practitioners). Feel free to invite Reiki friends.
Please sign up at Ning http://cincinnatireiki.ning.com/events/reiki-day-for or send me an e-mail.
* A Reiki Master/Teacher is someone who knows how to attune others to Reiki. Reiki teaching experience is not necessary to participate in the morning session.

Meditation Meet-up on Sunday March 13th 5:00pm - 5:45pm at Grace Tree Yoga Studio
I’m facilitating monthly Meditation group meetings at Grace Tree Yoga Studio every second Sunday of the month. Join me each month to experience the dynamics and support of meditating as a group. Each meet-up will begin with a brief introduction for newcomers on the basics of meditation and a grounding meditation. The rest of the time is open for everyone to have their own experience. All are welcome. Gatherings are free (Love offerings accepted).

Healing Wednesday will be on Wednesday March 16th from 10 am till 2 pm
“Healing Wednesdays” is to reach out to communities that can’t afford Reiki. It’s very fulfilling to provide Reiki to those who need it the most and can’t afford it. People start to line up at the free food bank at 10 am and we offer Reiki to all those who wait in line. Come stop by any time and stay for as long as you want. We take shifts. Contact Elfriede directly to register at elfriede@knopf-family.net.

Reiki World Peace Meditation on Wednesday March 16 7:30 pm – 7:45 pm
Join thousands of people around the world to send Reiki for World Peace. You can download the World Peace cards from William Rand’s web site: http://www.reiki.org/WPCM.html

Gentle Yoga classes on Thursday nights at 7pm Grace Tree Yoga Studio
I’d be thrilled if you could come to my Thursday night Yoga classes. We explore a sequence of gently paced Hatha yoga postures designed to stretch, tone, strengthen, and improve balance while increasing breath awareness. Flow moves from centering to breath (pranayama) postures (asana,) and final relaxation (savasana.). Emphasize is on "being" rather than doing. Perfect for all levels, especially those who look for a conscious practice. http://www.gracetreestudio.com

All other Reiki events (Reiki shares, support groups, clinics) are posted in Ning. Sign up to get invitations to new events. http://cincinnatireiki.ning.com

Reiki hugs,
Love & Light,
Zeynep “Premdasi” Yilmaz

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