Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dear All,

Spring is the perfect time for cleaning and a fresh start. I started this new challenge and I’m so excited. This year I decided to try extreme Spring Cleaning. That’s not cleaning the house (wish that would happen too) but trying to see if I can live with 100 things only! My dear sister-in-law sent me a link last week and I’m completely in it. I wasn’t aware “Living with 100 things” was a recent trend that people are trying to reduce belongings and live a simpler life. At first it sounds easy, or OK, but wait until you start taking an inventory. I was always proud to think that I lived a simpler life. How many nail polishes is a woman allowed to have? How about accessories, jewelry, nick knacks. I quickly realized I need to put some rules of myself (which most people who follow this trend do). The common things that I share with my family won’t count (at first). The couch, the carpet, the TV, kitchen utensils, etc. I decided to start to reduce my “personal” belongings first. If I‘d leave for a trip to live for 1 year alone, what would I take with me? I started with jewelry first. I thought that would be easiest because I simply don’t wear much jewelry, Well…my wedding ring, the ring my mom gave me as a wedding gift, my ring with the Mayan calendar on it, ring that reminds me a triology and unity that I got from Peru, another favorite ring: 5 rings; to add to that ;the wrist band that reminds me my wows, the wrist band that reminds me of my best friend. Do I really need to wear something to remind me something else? As you see it’s getting complicated. The good news is underwear and socks count as 1 each :-) Watch where I go with this :-)Does anyone need jewelry, I have a bag full of it. :-)

TODAY! Yin Yoga Class on Sunday May 1st and Sunday May 8th at 6 pm at Grace Tree Yoga Studio I’ll sub two Yin Yoga classes for my dear friend Heather this month. It’s hard to fill her shoes but I’m so excited to slow down and enjoy teaching a Yin Yoga class. Come join me.

Reiki 1 Class on Saturday May 7th at Wellness Community in Blue Ash from 9:30 am till 6:30 pmIf you know anyone who has cancer, let them know they’re not alone. Wellness community is a non-profit organization that supports cancer patients and their families with wonderful (and free) programs. As you know, I’m volunteering to teach Reiki classes there. Refer anyone you know to WC!

Mother’s Day Meditation Meet-up on Sunday May 8th 5:00pm - 5:45pm at Grace Tree Yoga Studio Bring your moms to meditate together on this month’s Meditation meet-up at Grace Tree Yoga Studio. Join me every second Sunday to experience the dynamics and support of meditating as a group. Each meet-up will begin with a brief introduction for newcomers on the basics of meditation and a grounding meditation. The rest of the time is open for everyone to have their own experience. All are welcome. Gatherings are free (Love offerings accepted).

Reiki World Peace Meditation on Wednesday May 18th 7:30 pm – 7:45 pm Join thousands of people around the world to send Reiki for World Peace. You can download the World Peace cards from William Rand’s web site:

Gentle Yoga classes continue on Thursday nights at 7pm Grace Tree Yoga Studio I’d be thrilled if you could come to my Thursday night Yoga classes. We explore a sequence of gently paced Hatha yoga postures designed to stretch, tone, strengthen, and improve balance while increasing breath awareness. Flow moves from centering to breath (pranayama) postures (asana,) and final relaxation (savasana.). Emphasize is on "being" rather than doing. Perfect for all levels, especially those who look for a conscious practice.

Last but not least , a reminder on Frans’ schedule:
Reiki Shinpiden Master/Teacher Training on July 1st thru July 3rd at Grailville Caravansary Bld.: This class is almost full. Let me know if you want to be part of this life changing experience. For more info:
Free Public Talk on Thursday June 30th from 7 pm until 9pm: Frans is kind enough to give a free public talk. Don’t miss this opportunity!! Invite your family and friends. We are working on the venue and will soon announce it!
Personal Treatments with Frans on Wednedsay June 29th and Thursday June 30th at Grailville: Frans will be offering personal treatments while he’ here. It’s $125 for 1 hour session. Thursday is full already and only 4 spots left for Wednesday.

All other Reiki events (Reiki shares, support groups, clinics) are posted in Ning. Sign up to get invitations to new events.

Reiki hugs,
Love & Light,
Zeynep “Premdasi” Yilmaz

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