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Reiki Newsletter- July 2012

How many times have you repeated a workshop or a class, I mean the same exact class? Typically, we attend a workshop, learn something and we move on. We either want to experience the same teaching with a different teacher or learn a new technique or modality. For me, it’s only with Fran’s Shinpiden class that I can’t get enough of it. I know that’s how most people feel, because everyone; yes “everyone” from Cincinnati from last year’s class came back for either Shinpiden or Intensive this year. There were 18 re-sitters in a class of 25 people. This is not unusual for Frans’ classes. In most classes, there are people who took the class 10 times or more and yet they come back. WHY?

So, here is why:

- Frans teaches Reiki from a spiritual stand point, as it was meant to be, as a Way to realize the essence of our true nature, the Great Bright Light.

- He teaches it as a system that’s full and complete. When I first took the class 4 years ago, I felt like finally all pieces of the puzzle came together. All pieces of the system of Reiki, the 5 pillars: the precepts, the hands-on healing, the symbols and the mantras, the attunements and the meditations were all complementing each other as the pieces of the system of Reiki.

- I realized that these pillars, once seemed separate are, leading the practitioner to the same destination; same purpose: leading practitioner to be the “Great Bright Light”, “Oneness” or “Self-realization”.

- There are many ways to realize one’s true nature. Few paths provide clear direction to the practitioner with supporting practices. I’m privileged to practice Yoga, which is one of these paths with clear directions. Only with Fran’s teaching, the path of Reiki finally become clear, leading the student step by step to “self realization”.

- The reason why most people come back is because the class is experiential and dynamic. Frans deepens his own practice every time and student can get what he/she needs at that point in time, (given the student has been practicing too).

- Frans once said, “If you’re teaching the same thing you were teaching in your Reiki classes 5 years ago, then you’ve not made any progress” I seriously consider this every time I teach a class. He is a good role model, where he deepens his practice every time. Class is never the same.

- The class in intense, during the 3-day class (9 am till 5 pm), Frans leads students step by step, in a very nicely structured manner to be in the “non-duality” space.

One person has asked a question to Frans during the public talk. She said “ but how do you lead the students to experience this in a 3 day class”. A fellow Shinpidener describes this as Frans holding your hand, as you learn to swim and all of a sudden you realize you’re swimming by yourself and by the way you’re in the ocean (and eventually you realize you’re the ocean itself ).

His guidance as a teacher is not limited to the class. Given the student is willing to practice, he supports the students off-the-class at precisely what they need at their spiritual development, leading them in various meditations or practices. He makes himself available, for as long as the student is willing to practice. He keeps the bar very high, for those of us Reiki teachers on how to be a good teacher.

“Practice” is the guiding word for me in Shinpiden class. Frans repeats the need to practice many times during the class. You may come to the class, enjoy it very much but if you’re not practicing, you can’t make way at all. It’s a two way deal. The teacher is always there to support you. It’s a matter if you’re willing to practice. This is one of the few times he gets really serious during the class! Besides the class is fun and active and never a dull moment.

You don’t want it to end but as everything else it comes to an end. Students left with one thing, a clear path on how to practice the path of Reiki to “be” the Reiki, the Great Bright Light.

Here are few hints on how you can start your own practice:

1) Filter everything from precepts, all day, every day. Observe your feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions, Are you acting in accordance with Reiki precepts? Always tune yourself with Precepts.

2) Practice Joshin Kokyu-ho meditation * (see below excerpt)

3) If you know the symbols, practice CKR, chant the name or meditate on the form every day for 6 months. Act from DKM space: No judgment, no attachment. Pure openness.

4) Keep connected to Reiki energy: do your self-treatments!

5) Get attunements if you can (if you want to repeat attunements, let me know). We pass Reiju in every Cincinnati Reiki gathering and Reiki chanting night.

Wait a second… aren’t these points the 5 pillars of the system of Reiki anyway?

You got it!

Love & Light,

Zeynep Premdasi Yilmaz

Joshin Kokyu Ho Meditation*

Joshin-focusing the mind

Kokyu- breath, respiration

Ho – method

Joshin Kokyu Ho is single pointed meditation focusing on using Ki driven by breath, to develop the Hara.

It should be practiced 6 months to 1 year before moving to other meditations.

Always start with Kenyoku Ho and prepare yourself with 6 steps:

1) know your technique

2) sit in seiza with your eyes gazing at the floor

3) release all tension from the body

4) bring mental focus to hara

5) allow the hands rise to gassho

Place your hands on your knees, palms facing upwards.

Begin breathing in through the nose.

Bring the breath down through the body to hara and fill it with energy

On the out breath, expand the energy out through the body, via skin, out into your surroundings

Note: The Joshin Kokyu-Ho excerpt is taken from the book “Japanese Art of Reiki” by Frans & Bronwen Stiene.

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