Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reiki Newsletter- November 2012

Reiki Newsletter- November 2012

Is it me or everyone who came to Reiki Day still feeling high? It’s joy, inspiration, inter-connectedness, expansion, all at once. Wow, that’s what a day full of Reiki practice can do for you. Why stop here? We can practice every day and keep up the vibrations.

Here are few things we’ve discussed & practiced on Reiki Day:

- We discussed Professional Reiki best practices. We talked about consent forms. We highly suggest using consent forms, if you practice Reiki professionally.

- Some states require a massage or ministry license to be able to touch clients. Here is a link, where you can ordain yourself, ha,ha,ha weird isn't it? :

- We also discussed Reiki Insurance. Here are some sources you can get Insurance.

- We discussed what to share, what not to share with clients after the session. Some guidelines are: Don’t interpret their experience for them, Don’t limit their experience , Less is better, Trust your intuition if you’re guided to share something.

- Have you checked Amazon for Reiki tables lately? You may be surprised:

- Reiki treatments are typically priced similar to massage rates, it’s around $65/hour in Ohio.

- Here are two links on Mainstreaming Reiki. Frans Stiene’s article:

Pamela Miles’ free training:

- We created a list of all Reiki Shares and Volunteer events and posted in Cincinnati Reiki Facebook page (under files section).

- We’ve sent Reiki to upcoming Elections for peace, understanding and healing of our country.

- We couldn’t get enough of our practice sessions (chanting, hands-off Reiki, Reiki Share, Reiju, Reiki drumming, yes we did it all!). We’ll have more next Reiki Day.

- And a surprise… we’ve announced two 50% scholarships to Frans Stiene’s Shinpiden Reiki Master Teacher class on April 12-15, 2013! We have an applicant already. Let me know if you’re interested applying.

- We even worked on tentative days and put together an agenda for Spring 2013 Reiki Day.

All you need to do is …. show up :-) (and keep up the practice!)

Love & Light,

Zeynep Premdasi Yilmaz

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