Saturday, March 2, 2013

Reiki Newsletter- March 2013

Dear friends,

It’s been an exciting month of teaching Reiki to raise funds to support my fund raising project: Half the Sky. Did you know that there is an exhibit at Freedom Center featuring the Half the Sky project? I’ll be there in a private event next week (which is a total coincidence - oh, of course there are no coincidences), having breakfast with our CEO and touring the exhibit :-)  Can’t wait!

Did I tell you that I raised over $1500 for one of the Half the Sky projects, Edna’s Maternity Hospital at Somalia? Deep gratitude to everyone coming to the classes and making individual donations! You rock!

Hold tight..Reiki excitement continues!!!

Next weekend is Reiki Day on Sunday March 10th at Grailville. Cincinnati Reiki community meets twice a year to share, learn and grow together as a community. Morning session is for Reiki Master/Teachers from 9:30 A.M until 12:30 P.M; the afternoon session is for all Reiki practitioners from 1:30 P.M until 5:00 P.M. Day long events include deep dive into Reiki symbols and deep dive into Reiki principles, Reiki Share, energy experiences, Reiki drumming and Reiju (Reiki blessings). Don’t miss this change to meet with like minded practitioners, to learn from each other and have fun. Hope to see you all there!

Excitement will continue in April!

Frans Stiene is coming in April for a Shinpiden class and while he’s here, he’ll graciously offer a free Public talk on Japanese Art of Reiki at the New Thought Unity Center. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Frans (as you know he’s my Reiki teacher and he is coming from Australia). Mark Thursday April 11th 7pm!

Gentle Yoga classes on Thursday nights at 7pm Grace Tree Yoga Studio ($7 for new students)
My yoga classes are moving to 7pm on Thursday nights starting March 7th.Come try a yoga class with me. We explore a sequence of gently paced Hatha yoga postures designed to stretch, tone, strengthen, and improve balance while increasing breath awareness. Emphasize is on "being" rather than doing.

There is still room at Reiki Shinpiden class!

Reiki Shinpiden Master/Teacher Training on April 12-14 with Frans Stiene: Let me know if you want to be part of this life changing experience. Send me an e-mail at For more info:
Frans only has 2 sessions left for private Reiki treatments. Would you like to be the lucky ones?

Last but not least, a friend of mine still has 3 Dalai Lama tickets for sale for Monday May 20th at Louisville ($88.5/each). Also I need to sell my Dalai Lama public talk tickets for 1pm Sunday May 19th. ($7) :-( Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll be there for Monday’s teachings.

Reiki hugs,
Love & Light,
Zeynep “Premdasi” Yilmaz

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