Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Reiki Newsletter- June 2013

Dear friends,

We all can live in that space, the space of non-duality, at times. What, I think, helps to constantly live in that space are 3 things: our personal practice, having a support group and guidance of a teacher.

When I had my first Shinpiden training in 2008, I had 3-4 days of complete no-fear, no-anger, no-worry state, I remember vividly what a liberating feeling it was. I remember thinking, what would enlightenment feel like if living without worries is so liberating. This time I was more determined to hold on to that space created after Shinpiden class longer. I was determined to have a daily practice including a daily Reiju. I realized that the best investment I can make to myself is a daily dedicated practice. If I practice 1 hour and can completely live free remaining 23 hours, I’ll take it. What I mean living free or being in that clear vast-sky-space is: your projects at work are falling apart and you continue to do your best and you can still have good night sleeps, your finances are falling apart but you have deep feeling of security, you still get sick but don’t suffer, if things don’t turn out as planned, you simply move to Plan B and have no regrets, if relationships become bothersome you still feel full compassion regardless.

We all can do it, it’s no magic.

So, what does the daily practice looks like that takes us to this space?

Depending on where we’re in our practice it can be simply doing Joshin kokyu-Ho, Hatsurei-Ho, meditating on symbols, chanting, meditating on DKM space, living the principles day in and out  or a mixture of them. What I realized is that it’s important to have a core practice and have variations around it. The practice you choose should resonate with you and should motivate you. You should crave to do that practice daily. Even though I whole heartedly believe the impact of chanting Reiki symbols, it doesn't move me, so instead I do practices that will create same impact. My core practice is yoga, so I add yogic breathing exercises and yoga meditations into my practice.

It’s also important to keep a support group and surround yourself with people who motivate and inspire you, surround yourself with people who you can practice together. For that I’m grateful to our practice group which meets every 3rd Tuesday at Cincinnati Yoga School at 7:30 pm. Our practice is open to any Reiki level 2 and above practitioner. Feel free to come join us.
Our awesome Shinpiden 2013 class
Last but not least, it’s also important to keep connection to our teacher(s) to get their help guide the way, share their wisdom and inspiration, for that I’m grateful to all my teachers and especially Frans Stiene.  

This way even if our sky gets cloudy, it’ll clear quickly.

May we all live a life of being the vast clear sky.

Reiki hugs,
Love & Light,
Zeynep “Premdasi” Yilmaz

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  1. Hi Zeynep,
    Great article, so true, we need practice, support, and a teacher.
    I will be doing some Shugendo training again this year for myself, we all need to keep practicing, isn't it.