Friday, April 4, 2014

Reiki Newsletter- April 2014

Dear Friends,

I declare this month the month of "Reiki".

Reiki as a Spiritual Path –TOMORROW Saturday April 5th at 5pm
Tomorrow Saturday April 5th at 5 pm, Patricia Gary, Sundar Kadayam and I will present a workshop at Victory of Light Expo on “Reiki as a Spiritual Path. It’s at Sharonville Convention Center, 11355 Chester Rd. You can join workshops at VOL all day long, from 10 am till 7pm and visit 100’s of booths of healers, readers, energy therapists.

Hope you can all join us at 5 pm!

Shanti: A Journey of Peace is TOMORROW in Aronoff Center at 8 pm
Shanti an expansive and collaborative performance that explores the meanings and message of peace, joy, and the interconnectedness of us all through dance, music, and images of India. The producer and composer Kanniks is our dear friend.

Few of us will go to Shanti directly after Victory of Lightt. You can still get tickets. Half price tickets for students will be available just before the curtain!

Reiki Public Talk by Frans Stiene on April 24 and Reiki Mid-West Retreat
Last but not least, Frans Stiene, my Reiki teacher is coming to Cincinnati for a 4 day Reiki Retreat at the end of this month. As always, he graciously will give a Public Talk. This is a once-a-year opportunity!!! Hope you can all make it!
What: Public Talk on Japanese Art of Reiki
When: Thursday April 24th 7pm-9pm
Where: Cincinnati Yoga School/Lotus Yoga Temple 6125 Ridge Avenue
Feel free to invite your family, friends, neighbors, or anyone you think is interested in Reiki.

Mid-West Reiki Retreat April 25-28 2014
If you want to get more information on the 4 day Reiki retreat, we still have few spots left.
Oh, who is Frans? He is the awesomest teacher on Earth. Read more…

Love & Light,

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