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Reiki Newsletter September 2014- New classes, Reiki Day and more...

Dear friends,

Over a year ago, all of a sudden, I lost all my desire to teach Reiki. Believe me, this was a very strange feeling for me. If you took a Reiki class with me, you know how passionate I’m to teach Reiki. I enjoy it so much so that I remember sobbing with joy after my very first Reiki teaching experience and having the deepest sense of gratitude thereafter in each class. There was a big hole when I lost the desire to teach but it was such a clear feeling that I just had to wait and see what Universe is planning for me next. I also knew that I didn’t want to teach one-day Reiki classes anymore. I used to squeeze Reiki 1 classes in a 9-hour-day and it felt like something had to change. I patiently waited and kept on my practice.

I totally believe that when the teacher is ready the student will appear and when the student is ready teacher will appear.

First the desire came to me, I had a short class on “What happens during Attunements” in June. Then I found myself teaching Reiki to two friends at work. Since we were going to do this over lunch, I come up with a 4 month curriculum with 45 minute weekly sessions that includes meditations, hands-on healing sessions, weekly assignments and Reiju.

This will sure be a new way of teaching Reiki for me. That familiar feeling came to me again, and I can’t explain how thrilled I am about this plan.

A month ago we started with initiations, one initiation each week and we’ve just started following the below curriculum.

Reiki 1-Shoden
Week 1 45 min. What's Reiki? How it works? What are the pillars of the system of Reiki?
Week 2 45 min. What's energy? Human Energy system – 3 jewels- Joshin Kokyu Ho
Week 3 45 min. Hands-on Healing
Week 4 45 min. Reiki principles: Just for Today, Do not get Angry
Week 5 45 min. Reiki principles: Just for today, Do not worry
Week 6 45 min. Reiki principles: be Grateful
Week 7 45 min. Reiki principles: work hard
Week 8 45 min. Reiki principles: be compassionate
Week 9 45 min. History of Reiki
Week 10 3 hours Group Hands-on healing practice session
• Students practice Joshin Kokyu meditation and self healing every day

Reiki 2- Okuden
Week 1 45 min. What are Reiki symbols? How they’re used?
Week 2 45 min. CKR +Jumon
Week 3 45 min. SHK +Jumon
Week 4 45 min. HSZSN + Jumon
Week 5 45 min. Japanese Reiki Methods
Week 6 3 hrs Chanting and Hands on healing practice session
• Students practice meditations and self healing every day

Now I plan to expand this curriculum, yet in a slightly different model with 3 x 4 hour-block teachings for Reiki 1. The purpose is to allow students to absorb teachings using pillars of the system of Reiki; Reiki principles, mantras, meditations and hands-on healing, supported with frequent Reiju’s and meditations. The 3 classes will be held on below dates (thought we’re flexible to change the dates with mutual consent of students).

Session 1 Oct 19 1 pm -5 pm
Session 2 Oct 26 1 pm-5 pm
Session 3 Nov 2 1 pm-5 pm

Let me know if you know anyone who is interested in joining these sessions. I’ll also have a 2 hour free Introduction to Reiki class. Later, if you choose to join the 3 class-pack, the total fee will be $150.

Free Reiki Refresher Class on Sunday September 28, 2014 1pm-3pm
The class provides an overview of Reiki as a system of self-improvement and explores pillars of the system (precepts, meditations, hands-on healing, symbols and attunements). There will be time for any questions you might have on your practice. If you took Reiki in the past, this is an excellent chance to boost your practice. If you’re new to Reiki, this is a great chance to understand what Reiki offers.

REIKI DAY IS COMING October 5, 2014
Mark your calendars for October 5, 2014. Cincinnati Reiki Day happens twice a year. It is a chance for Reiki Practitioners from all lineages to come together to practice Reiki, make Reiki friends, and have fun!
The morning session is for Reiki Masters from 9:30 A.M. until 12:30 P.M Cost $15 cash only, includes lunch.
The afternoon session is open for all levels of Reiki practitioners from 1:30-5:00. Cost $10 cash only.

Don’t miss this event, RSVP to Maria Kammerer at
Here is the FB event. Hope to see you all there!

Last but not least, if you want to further deepen your Reiki practice my dear friend Sundar is teaching another 1 year course. This is also what inspired me to teach a class over couple weeks. Sundar’s class is ultimate deepening of the practice!
Program: Support your spiritual journey with Reiki
Description: Reiki, most commonly known as an "energy healing" system or modality in the West, actually has its roots in Japan in the early 1900s, and is first and foremost a path to realizing one's true nature, with healing as a wonderful "side effect". This program is designed to support your personal spiritual journey using traditional Japanese Reiki teachings. Unlike conventional "Reiki Classes", or "Reiki Courses" which are taught over a single day or a weekend, this program is organized as a continuous series of instructional or experiential learning, and practice sessions, taking a student practitioner incrementally deeper into their spiritual practice as well as into the practice of healing. As such, this program would be of great appeal and value only to the serious seeker who is eager to deepen their practice through structured learning, increasingly deeper experiential understanding, and steady and consistent practice sessions, under the guidance of the facilitator as well as the presence and participation of fellow students.
The Facilitator: Sundar Kadayam has trained with some of the world's leading Reiki teachers since 2001, and is currently training with Frans Stiene, internationally acclaimed Reiki Teacher and co-author of classic books such as The Reiki Sourcebook and The Japanese Art of Reiki. With Frans' help, he has deepened his personal healing and spiritual practice since 2007, and provides guidance to other seekers who yearn to deepen their practice. He is NOT a "Reiki Master", and he knows no one in the world who is one, at least not yet!
The Format: Student practitioners will meet with the Facilitator approximately every two weeks (with due accommodations for key holidays and any other important milestones) for two hour sessions as part of a group, and partake in instructional or experiential learning interspersed with practice sessions. The spiritual teachings and practice are drawn from traditional Japanese Reiki, and are designed to take the student practitioner incrementally deeper into the practice. Students will also benefit from periodic spiritual blessings drawn mainly from the Japanese Reiki tradition and occasionally through ancient Indian traditions. The format allows for ample time to share learnings and experiences, for Q&A, and to receive individual guidance on the evolving practice.
The Duration: The program is uniquely designed to provide continuous learning, experience and growth opportunities for approximately a year.
The Cost: The program is free. The facilitator will accept any heartfelt offers at each session.
Class Size: Class size will be limited to 10 students.
The Requirements: As mentioned above, this Program is designed for a serious seeker, and as such requires the student practitioner to attend the meetings regularly, and to commit to their personal practice between meetings. If you would like to be part of this Program, you would need to complete a short questionnaire via email. Given that the class size will be capped at 10 students, the Facilitator may reject the participation from an interested individual at the onset, or even during the Program if individual participation or commitment is poor.
The Questionnaire: Please contact the Facilitator at to express your interest in attending the Program, or to follow up with any questions you may have. You will receive a short questionnaire via email response, and you can send back your completed answer for review. The purpose of the questionnaire is to allow the Facilitator to better understand your background and your motivation and commitment to attend.

Enjoy one of these options to deepen your practice and keep your fire of the practice burning!

Love & Light,

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