Thursday, January 1, 2015

Reiki Newsletter- January 2015

Dear All,

May this be the year to claim your true self, your Divine consciousness, to be kind and compassionate to yourselves, to the Earth and to all humanity. May this be a year to unite around love, kindness, care, service and action. May this be a wonderful year for you all!

As always, my friend Tony has a New year empowerment event scheduled for today, January 1st at 3 pm.
This is an event where you can send Reiki to your resolutions and empower all other participants in achieving their resolutions. You can sign up in this link:

Every year, I love to share some tips on how to materialize your resolutions. Here they are:

 Manifesting a reality starts with clear intentions (remember The Law of Attraction). The more clear your intentions, the better the chances to attract it to your life.
 Express your New Year resolution with clarity. Instead of saying “I want to be happy”, define happiness. Say “I want a new job that will bring my highest potential” or “I want to be in a relationship where we can share and grow together”. Instead of “I want a new car” say the model and the color and add any other details as possible. This shows how clear you are with your goal.
 Always use positive statements in current tense. Instead of saying “I don’t want to be sick”, say “I am completely healthy”.
 Visualize yourself as already accomplished your wish or resolution, i.e. you can visualize yourself at the front yard of your dream home, at the office, or in a loving relationship. Visualize as many details as you can.
 Think about what emotions you’d have when you accomplish your goal. Add that emotion to your vision. Feel the breeze of the ocean or sand in the beach, warmness of the sun in your face when you’re in your dream vacation. Feel the joy, the happiness, the contentment of accomplishing your goal.
 To empower your goals with Reiki; you can simply write down your resolutions on a piece of paper or visualize it.
 Connect to Reiki by saying an intention or affirmation like “I’m opening myself to Reiki”. Feel the gentle current of Reiki.
 If you know Reiki symbols use them at this time. If you are using visualization, beam Reiki to the image as if it’s in a screen in front of you. If you prefer to write it down, take the piece of paper into your palms and provide Reiki.
 Send Reiki to the image or to the paper for 5-10 minutes, or as long as you feel necessary. .
 Well, the work starts after you send Reiki. Make an action plan and work towards your goal.
 It’s also very important to prepare yourself for your goal and bring your surrounding conditions ready for the materialization of your wish, i.e. check internet resources for healthy diets, how to learn a new skill, etc. One thing I often do is talk about my goals to my family and friends. The more you talk about your goals, the more you’re inspired and get closer to achieving your goals. It’s also important to surround yourself with people who’ll support you and your goals.
 Always remember you are worth it and you deserve it!
 Probably the most important aspect is not to cling to the outcome. Remember it’ll be materialized only if your goal is aligned with your life plan and if it’s for your utmost good. Trust the Divine order for that.

Here I’m making a wish that all your wishes to come true!

Reiki 1-Shoden Class in January 24 and January 31 (2 days) 9:30 am-5:30 pm
Ooops this class is full. I can keep your name in waiting list in case of a last minute cancellation.

Reiki 2-Okuden class November 15, 2015 9:30am-6:00 pm
Are you ready to take your Reiki practice to the next level? This class is empowered with Japanese Reiki Teachings and introduces the “symbols” as a means to invoke particular energies to help enhance your understanding of the macro and micro Cosmos. A light vegetarian lunch will be served. $175/per. Pls. RSVP

Reiki Master/Teacher-Shinpiden class coming in early 2015
Stay tuned for an announcement. I’m rescheduling the previously announced January class to a later day. This class is the doorway to find your true essence, Great Bright Light and a step to “be” Reiki. The class will be 3 full days, $450/person. Please RSVP.

Meditation Retreat with Frans Stiene in June 19-22, 2015
Don’t forget the most exciting event of the year! Hope you can join us in this 4 day adventure

To a wonderful year,
Love & Light,

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