Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reiki Newsletter - April 2010

Dear Friends,

Cincinnati Reiki Master/Teachers had another awesome Reiki Day on March 21st. Our community is building harmoniously as we share wisdom, knowledge and experiences. Now we are ready to open it to you all!!! We decided to have a Reiki Day for all Reiki practitioners in Fall 2010. The morning session will be for Reiki Master/Teachers. Reiki Level 1 thru 3 practitioners will join for the afternoon session. Watch out upcoming newsletter for day and location! Thank you to all of you who provided input for the upcoming Reiki day; we’ve planned an amazing agenda for you!

In the mean time we decided to continue our effort to spread Reiki. We’ll continue with free Introduction to Reiki sessions as well as a “Healing Day” where we can share Reiki with all those who need and want to experience. I’m writing it here to help it to materialize!!! At some point in future, we’ll have a “Healing Day” at Sawyer Point. Yes, at P&G Pavillion, Sawyer Point!!! For now we’ll start small. Watch out details of the first “Healing Day” soon.

Reiki Session at Victory of Light Festival on Saturday April 10 at 4 pm - Sharonville Convention Center
We did it once, we can do it again! Last November’s Reiki event at VOL was a great success. Thanks to the participation of Reiki Masters and practitioners, we were able to match the audience with Reiki practitioners and give everyone a Reiki experience. Patricia, Arleen and Gwynne; will lead the event again this month. PLEASE come help us spread Reiki in Cincinnati!!! We need help from all practitioners. Feel free to bring your friends or invite anyone who is interested in learning about Reiki. Waiting to see you all there!
Victory of Light is the largest holistic expo in Cincinnati with 100’s of booths with readers, healers, crystal shops, books, aura photography and all day workshops. Spare yourself some extra time to check around. You can literally spend a whole day there.

“CONVERSATIONS ON LIFE” with Sundar Kadayam on Sunday April 18th from 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
We’ve had an awesome start last month. Are you thirsty for Spiritual conversations? Come join us for an exploration about life from a spiritual angle or an afternoon with like minded friends (or both). Limited space, please RSVP. This event is free.

PATH TO SERENITY with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Sunday April 25th 2pm-6:30 pm at Duke Energy Center
Have you ever been at the presence of an Enlightened being? It’s quite an experience to see the love, joy, peace emanating from them. It doesn’t even matter if you “follow” them or not. Their love is unconditional. That’s why I call this a “not-to-miss event” for Cincinnati. How many times do we have a chance to have an enlightened Master in Cincinnati? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is one of them. The agenda is not even important. I’m just looking forward being at his presence. Tickets are $75. You can get discounted tickets, if we can form a group of 10 ($67.50). Just let me know.

Michael Bernard Beckwith will be in Dayton on Thursday, May 13th
You may have seen Rev. Michael on Oprah, Larry King, and his new PBS special, “The Answer is You”. He is the author of, Spiritual Liberation, and featured in the book The Secret. Agape in Centerville, OH is also organizing Spiritual Movie nights thru October 2010. Check the website for more information at

H.H. Dalai Lama
No way…Something is going on in Cincinnati!!! One Enlightened being after another!!! I’ve heard a rumor that H.H. Dalai Lama will be coming here in October. If you can’t wait until October, you can join me on May 12-13th at University of Indiana at Bloomingdale to study the “Heart Sutra” with him.. Yummmmm.

Reiki Share/Support Groups:
Reiki Share at Bethesda Arrowsprings on Sunday, April 14 from 6:30pm to 8:00 pm at Bethesda Medical Center at Arrow Springs ~ Physical Therapy Dept.

Reiki Support Group meets at the Hospice of Cincinnati in Blue Ash every 2nd Saturday. Next meeting is on April 10th. Pease RSVP directly to Mira if you’d like to join. It’s a great way to ask questions and share experiences. Contact Mira at:

Reiki Share with LIVE Harp Music at Northern Methodist Church on Sunday, April 18 (6700 Winton Road, Finneytown, OH 45224), from 2:00 to 5:00 pm. Please RSVP by the Friday before to Elizabeth at The fee for this Share will be $20. Light refreshments will be provided.

All other Reiki events (Reiki shares, support groups, clinics) are posted in Ning. Sign up to get invitations to new events.

Are you in Facebook yet? Type Cincinnati Reiki to follow Reiki events online.

Hugs to you all,
Love & Light,
Zeynep “Premdasi”

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