Friday, September 2, 2011

Dear All,

What a busy summer it was! Here is a summary of what happened in last 2 months: After 9 months of preparations, Shinpiden class was a great success. We’ve had an awesome public talk at NTUC and as expected, Frans rocked Cincinnati! His simple but profound way of explaining Reiki, sharing Reiki without “doing” but “being”, was a fresh approach for many. The Shinpiden class was “unbelievable”. I knew it, but still, I feel so relieved that participants who entrusted our experience (Sundar, Tony and mine), left the class with the same amazing experiences. Entire class were blown away during the course of the three days. One person wrote” I am completely and fully enjoying all the changes that are occurring since Shinpiden Class. Everyday is bringing new Awareness and Awakenings. Shinpiden Class is a must for any Reiki Practitioner. Progress is evident and vibrant”. Wow that’s quite a statement. We will be working on bringing Frans back in 2012!

Yet only few days after the Shinpiden class, I had the privilege and good luck (and ok there is some past karma there too!) to spend 8 days in intensive teachings with Dalai Lama. Most people are asking me what I’ve learned. It’s hard to explain it in words but in short: all my personal practices completely merged into one. They are now all indivisible pieces of the same practice to bring out the “Divine within”. As 3 years ago, Frans’s Shinpiden class brought all the missing pieces of Reiki for me together, having Shinpiden class and Dalai Lama’s teachings back to back, has brought all the practices I’ve been practicing together for me. This includes yoga, Reiki, meditation and all the practices I’ve been doing to cultivate a nicer and happier person :-)
I’ve been sharing some of the teachings from Dalai Lama in my Facebook page. I’ll also integrate most of them to some of the advance Reiki continuous education classes. What strongly came to me after these classes was: I can’t afford to skip a meditation anymore, I need to invest to my own practice ever more so and I need to make teachings part of my everyday life even more so (I’m blessed with the perfect environment for this: a corporate job and a family). For a brief while, I thought of quit teaching overall; yoga, Reiki everything and make my own practice the core. However, in next 4 days following the Shinpiden class, 4-5 Reiki students independently contacted me asking for support for their practice. I took this as a serious message and I decided to re-start Reiki gatherings (which I haven't been doing for a WHILE). So, I’m thrilled to announce the first gatherings of the year, here we go:

Japanese Reiki Teachings-Refresher on Wednesday September 14th 7 pm - 9 pm in my home in West ChesterThis class explores the difference between Reiki as thought and practiced in the West vs. Traditional Japanese Reiki. This can be a great refresher class for core principles and practices of Reiki or a continuous education class for those who are trained in another lineage and want to expand their knowledge about Japanese Reiki practices.

Deep Dive into Symbols on Wednesday September 21st 7pm – 9 pm in my home in West ChesterThis class is an in depth exploration of Reiki symbols. We’ll discuss the meaning and function of the symbols. Did you know that the ultimate goal of symbols is to “be what the Symbols represent” and eventually drop them? So, how can we practice symbols to “be the symbol itself”? This class is for Reiki 2 and above practitioners only.

These classes are free continuous education classes for my students. It’s $30/class for all others. Please RSVP at Ning, FB or send an e-mail to Space is limited.

Free Wellness Event at Grace Tree Yoga Studio on September 11, 2011 1 pm - 6 pmGrace Tree wellness practitioners and local businesses will be on site with information about healing services and products as well as providing presentations and demonstrations throughout the day. Yoga therapy, Hypnotherapy, Ayurvedic counseling, Holistic coaching services, Acupuncture and Qi gong, Reflexology, Natural Birth services, Reiki, Meditation, Wellness products. Grace Tree is located on 8933 Cin-Day Road, West Chester. No need to register, just stop by. I’ll offer a Reiki intro at mini sessions starting at 2 pm, followed by my regular Meditation meet-up at 5pm.

Healing Wednesdays at Free food bank in Manna Outreach in Price Hill“Healing Wednesdays” are now every Wednesday at the free food bank of Manna Outreach at Price Hill!. A group of Reiki practitioners offer Reiki to those who need. It’s very rewarding to reach out to communities that can’t afford Reiki. Come stop by any time between 10 am and 1 pm and stay for as long as you want. Please contact Elfriede at

Stay tuned to news for next Reiki Day in October, we’re working to finalize the day, either Oct 9th or 16th at Grailville from 9:30 am until 5pm. Everyone is invited!

All other Reiki events (Reiki shares, support groups, clinics) are posted in Ning. Sign up to get invitations to new events.

Reiki hugs,
Love & Light,
Zeynep “Premdasi” Yilmaz

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