Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dear friends,

Last month I’ve mentioned that all my personal practices completely merged into one. They are now all indivisible pieces of the same practice to bring out the “Divine within”.
For a long time I saw these practices as separate ones. They all served a specific purpose for me. I always used yoga as my home base though. I had my yoga asana practice to keep physical well-being, meditation for increasing awareness and a calm mind and I used my dedicated meditation path, which is simple, pure, that takes me to the core of it all, to lift me up. I used yama/niyamas as my ethical precepts and yoga philosophy to feed my soul. Then Reiki came into my life. At first I thought of Reiki as a tool to cultivate compassion. Then I realized the potential of Reiki as a complete spiritual practice and it quickly rose in ranks. It was helping me align to myself to my true self and balancing me and opening my heart.
Over years these practices interacted and mingled one another. I started seeing the similarities and how these practices all support each other. After all they were all tools for an enlightened mind, cultivating happiness, joy, peace, well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
On Sunday October 16th, I’ll talk about on how these different practices interact and mingle with each other, keeping the base as Reiki as a spiritual self-development path.
More to come next months, on how Yoga and Reiki relates to each other :-)

Japanese Reiki Teachings for spiritual self-development on Sunday October 9th 2pm-5pmThis class explores how Japanese Reiki teachings can be a spiritual self-development path by delving into each of the 5 pillars of the Reiki system (precepts, symbols, mantras, meditations, hands-on healing). This is a great opportunity to refresh your knowledge of Japanese Reiki or expose yourself to Japanese Reiki teachings. Class also explores how pillars of Reiki system correspond to paths in other major spiritual traditions. There are 4 symbols in Reiki, 4 doors in Sufism, 4 Vedas in Yoga and many more...
This class is for Reiki 2 practitioners and Reiki Masters who want to deepen their Reiki experience. It’ll be in Price Hill. If you learned Reiki with me, it’s a free continuous education class, $30 for all others. Please register, class size is limited. I’ll pass Reiju (Japanese Reiki blessings).
Location: Summit View Residences- Club House , 2650 Lehman Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45204

Reiki Day on Sunday October 16th 9:30pm - 5:00pm at Grailville Caravansary Bld.
Another fun filled day is awaiting the Reiki practitioners. Day long events include discussions, experience share, Reiki share, Reiki drumming and Reiju (Reiki blessings). The morning session is for Reiki Master/Teachers from 9:30 am until 12:30 pm; the afternoon session is for all Reiki practitioners from 1:30 pm until 5:00 pm. The event is free, like always we'll split the cost (~$20/person for Reiki Masters including lunch and $10/Reiki practitioners). Feel free to invite Reiki friends. Register at CincinnatiReiki at FB or Ning.

Healing Wednesdays at Free food bank in Manna Outreach now every week 10am-1pmPlease contact Elfriede directly at

Reiki World Peace Meditation on Wednesday October 19th 7:30 pm – 7:45 pm

Last but not least : Frans Stiene is coming back for a Reiki Shinpiden Master/Teacher Training in June 8-9-10, 2012!!!
For more info:

All other Reiki events (Reiki shares, support groups, clinics) are posted in Ning. Sign up to get invitations to new events.

Reiki hugs,
Love & Light,
Zeynep “Premdasi” Yilmaz

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