Sunday, December 1, 2013

Reiki Newsletter- December 2013

Dear Friends,

I hope you’ve all had a great Thanksgiving. I just saw a sign that says: “ThanksGiving is good but ThanksLiving is better ~ by Matthew Henry.” May we all bring the 3rd Reiki principle of Gratitude to every aspect of our lives by developing an attitude for Gratitude. Gratitude attitude is about developing an awareness of life and attracting more miracles to our lives by demonstrating gratitude to every day miracles.

Why are we trying to develop “Gratitude” by the way?
Gratitude opens our hearts. Developing an attitude of Gratitude rather than taking things for granted helps us to develop an awareness of life and cultivate joy and happiness. Isn’t it all we want: to be unconditionally happy? Gratitude helps us to take that additional step in the road to happiness. We naturally begin to feel happier, less concerned about what we haven’t got but happy with what we got.

I took an early New Year resolution and re-start Gratitude journaling. When I first started years ago, I had a computer download, now there are so many apps out there. Here is the one I decided:!/id299604556?mt=8

Here are many other options:

Would you like to join me?

I sincerely wish that we all reach to a stage that we live in that natural state of “Gratefulness” at all times.

In Gratitude,
Love & Light,
Zeynep “Premdasi” Yilmaz

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