Friday, January 31, 2014

Reiki Newsletter- February 2014 Upcoming Reiki Retreat in Cincinnati April 25-28,2014

Dear Friends,

Lately I was thinking how important it is to keep the fire of my practice bright and strong. This is true for everyone regardless what your practice is; it could be yoga, Reiki, martial arts or whichever practice brings you closer to your true self :-)
It’s important to have a disciplined practice but from time to time we need to juice up our practice, immerse ourselves deeper into it so that its fire will burn stronger. It’s also important to bring some fun to it, some play time! I try to surround myself with like minded friends and practice together or attend workshops or retreats annually.
An excellent opportunity is coming up now! We’ll have the very-first- ever Reiki Retreat with Frans Stiene in Cincinnati this April. This will be time to dive deeper, rejuvenate and invigorate our practice and have lots of fun too! Hope you can join us.

Where is the Retreat?
Transfiguration Spirituality Center is located in the heart of historic Glendale, minutes from Sharonville and I-275, an easy drive from Kentucky and Indiana. It is a newly restored, quiet but active place of peace. The accommodation is lovely with mainly single rooms with private bathrooms. Transfiguration center is located at 495 Albion Ave, Village of Glendale, Cincinnati, OH 45246 Tel: 513-771-2171

What should I expect?
It’s intense experiential work, Reiki practice, discussions and you will come away relaxed and renewed with a stronger will to deepen your practice. (a lot of fun too!!!)

What’ll take place?
Reiki Retreat
April 25-28, 2014 9:00 am- 5:00 pm, Course fee $800, Acc & Meals $325 Total Retreat fee $1125

Private Tutoring and/or Reiki treatment with Frans
Wednesday April 23 and Thursday April 24 $125/hour

A Reiki Evening with Frans
Thursday April 25 7pm- 9pm at Cincinnati Yoga School Donation based (with suggested donations of $10)

How do I book and pay for the Retreat?
To book and pay $800 for the Retreat, click:

How do I book and pay for the accommodations?
Once you sign up for the Retreat, your accommodation will automatically be reserved. You will need to pay for the $325 accommodation fee latest by April 10. Please send a check addressed to Transfiguration Spirituality Center directly to me via mail.

What’s included in $325 accommodations?
4 nights stay, and 3 meals a day, checking in on Thursday April 24, staying on April 24,25,26,27 and checking out on April 28th . The Retreat will officially start on Friday morning, you can check in on Friday morning if you like. If you need to stay on Wednesday April 23rd or Monday April 28th, it’ll be an extra $ 70 per night (including meals).
The Fee includes three meals per day on April 25-28 (except the dinner on 24th and 28th).

I have dietary restrictions, what do I do?
The meals will be vegetarian and we have a chance to influence the menu. Please let me know your dietary restrictions and I’ll work with the chef to accommodate your choices. We also have access to the kitchen and the refrigerator, in case you need to bring your own food.

Are there any double rooms?
There are 3 double rooms (one is reserved already as of 1/6/14). Please let me know if you want to share a room with a friend or your spouse. There will be no price difference for shared rooms.

Are there any scholarships?
We regret that there will be no scholarships for the Retreat. We’ll continue to offer scholarships for upcoming Shinpiden classes.

How do I book a session with Frans?
Contact me and be quick because folks started to book their treatments already :-)

Can I commute to the Retreat?
This is a residential Retreat and we strongly recommend you to stay in the Retreat Center (to conserve the energy and also not to miss the fun and pillow fight too!!!). However if you need to stay at home for family reasons, we understand, but we’re afraid you should still pay the $325 since we’ve rented the building and financials are based on sharing the rent.

Who can come to “Reiki Evening with Frans” on Thursday April 24th?
Everyone! You don’t need to be a Reiki practitioner to come to this event. You can bring your family, kids, neighbors, friends! Everyone is welcomed! It’ll be at Cincinnati Yoga School 6125 Ridge Road, Pleasant Ridge. Get ready for some serious Reiki fun :-)

Who do I call if I have questions?
Me! Send me an e-mail at or check the website for more info:

Hope you can make the Retreat or the Reiki evening (or both) and I’ll see you there!

Love & Light,

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